Exploring Sustainable Industrial Heritage Development Case by Tsinghua IE International Master and Domestic MEM Students



To enhance the understanding and appreciation of sustainable industrial heritage development among international and domestic students, on March 23, 2023, Tsinghua University’s Department of Industrial Engineering and the MEM Education Center, in collaboration with the Youth League Committee of Shougang Group, recently organized a field trip and a cross-cultural competency training activity in Shougang Park, which is a model of sustainable urban planning and industrial heritage development in China.

The participants, including international Master and Chinese students from the MEM program, and faculty and staff from the Department, were guided by Shougang Youth Foreign Language Volunteers during the field trip. The trip included visits to Qun Ming Lake, Big Air, and the No. 3 Blast Furnace, with a concluding session at the Shougang No. 3 Blast Furnace Cultural and Creative Park Bookstore. Here, Ms. Zhou Ting, a Tsinghua University Ph.D. alumni and Minister Assistant of the Planning and Design Department of Beijing Shougang Construction Investment Co., Ltd, shared her experiences and insights on the project.

Following the field trip, the students were encouraged to record a presentation on their learnings and opinions about industrial heritage sustainable development and share similar cases both in China and abroad, which make students a deeper understanding of Sustainable Industrial Heritage Development. According to the voting results, Group 3 secured the 1st Prize, Group 2 received the 2nd, and Group 6 was awarded the 3rd. Congratulations to the winning groups and all participants for their hard work on the Shougang Park activity.

Here are the winning video presentations:

First place: Group 3

Second place: Group 2

Third place: Group 6

Find the complete activity report and student commentaries regarding the field trip below.

The trip began at Qun Ming Lake, where the volunteers provided an overview of the park’s history. This man-made lake is a centerpiece of the park, with a scenic and recreational space for visitors. The group then continued to the Big Air, a snowboarding and freestyle skiing venue where they enjoyed the stunning view of the park from the top. The platform was inspired by the 'flying apsaras' image of the ancient Dunhuang murals in China, highlighting the elegance and heavenly touch of the ribbon-inspired design.



The highlight of the trip was the No. 3 Blast Furnace where visitors could see the old manufacturing sites of Shougang Steel Mill, which has been transformed into a sustainable industrial park. The old manufacturing structures were still in good condition, a testament to the area’s industrial heritage while the incorporation of modern technology has created a surreal mix of old and new.


The field trip concluded at the Shougang No. 3 Blast Furnace Cultural and Creative Park Bookstore, where Ms. Zhou Ting, Minister Assistant of Planning and Design Department of Beijing Shougang Construction Investment Co., Ltd, and Ph.D. alumni of Tsinghua University School of Architecture shared her story as a part of the team who planned, designed, and contributed to the construction project. The subsequent exchange of ideas and view further broaden everyone’s horizons.




Jerry Chong, a second-year International Master of Engineering Management student from Malaysia, was impressed by the transformation of Shougang Park. "The field trip helped me gain a deeper understanding of industrial heritage and sustainable development," he said. "I hope to have the opportunity to visit again soon."

The Shougang Industrial Park represents a model for sustainable and eco-friendly development in China, with a perfect blend of history, innovation, and creativity. The trip provided an excellent opportunity for the group to learn from this remarkable example and explore how such models can be replicated in other industries and regions.